RAW Power 2.0 for Mac Is Coming!

RAW Power 2.0 is now available!

RAW Power for Mac 2.0 will ship in the next few weeks, and it will be a free upgrade!

If you would like to beta test the new version, tap or click here to email us. Please include what kind of Mac you intend to use with the beta build. ** Current customers only **

Beta Testing is now closed.

Important Note: RAW Power 2.0 runs on macOS High Sierra and Mojave. It does not support macOS Sierra.

Here is the list of improvements for Version 2.0:

New Adjustments

  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Perspective
  • Black and White (a Monochrome Mixer)
  • Vignette with Controllable Center Point
  • Enhance including Definition
  • RAW Processing: enable / disable Lens Correction when available
    • (this is the existing [limited] lens correction with an on /off switch)

Features for the Standalone App:

  • File Browser – browse folders on your disk, establish favorite folders
  • Batch Processing in the Background
    • Batch Apply Presets
    • Batch Paste of Adjustments
    • Batch Revert to Original
    • Batch Export with Custom Naming
    • Background Processing Task View
  • Multiple Windows
    • Multiple Browser Windows (View different parts of your disks at once)
    • Multiple Editor Windows (Open and edit multiple files at once)
    • Full Support for Tabbed Windows
    • Collapsible Panels
  • Thumbnail Grid
    • Control over thumbnail sizes
    • “Adjusted” badge in the thumbnail grid
    • Filter to show RAWs only
  • More metadata information including a map
  • Quick Look
  • Full Dark Look in macOS Mojave

What features are you most interested in?