RAW Power 2.1.5 for iOS Now Available

This free update contains some important improvements.
iOS 13 Users: iOS 13 has a bug for which RAW Power 2.1.5 has a work around, so please install 2.1.5 right away

  • RAW Power is now a single purchase, including all adjustments. Existing customers who have not purchased the adjustment packs get them for free! (Please note that the price of the app for new customers is increasing to account for the additional adjustments.)
  • iOS 13 compatibility
  • Fixes for Export (both batch and single image)
  • Fixes for metadata display of portrait images
  • Fixes for crashes while editing images
  • Use the current sort order when performing batch operations.
  • Better error message for unsupported RAW, especially for Fujifilm RAWs
  • Fixes for iCloud Photo Library
  • Quality improvements when straightening images.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

Get the free update here

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