RAW Power 2.0 for iOS

RAW Power 2.0 is now available!

Like its companion, RAW Power for Mac, iOS version 2.0 will be shipping very soon!

If you are a current customer and would like to beta test the new version, tap or click here to email us. Please include what kind of iOS Device you intend to use with the beta build.

Beta testing is now closed.

RAW Power 2.0 runs on iOS 11 and 12. The hardware requirements are the same as before (so no iPhone 5s, 6, or iPad mini 3 or earlier).

Here is the list of improvements for Version 2.0:

  • New Adjustments
    • Chromatic Aberration*
    • Perspective
    • Black and White (a Monochrome Mixer)
    • Vignette with Controllable Center Point
    • Enhance including Definition
    • RAW Processing: enable / disable Lens Correction when available
      • (this is the existing [limited] lens correction with an on /off switch
    • Adjustments are 100% compatible with the Mac version and sync through iCloud Photo Library.
  • Presets
    • A selection of built-in presets
    • Ability to create your own
    • Undoable
  • Workflow improvements
    • Share to Photos
    • Export to Photos (TIFF, PNG, 16-bit images, etc)
    • Delete will consistently advance the selection forward to the next image
    • Paste Last Edit is an option in Batch Processing so you don’t have to explicitly copy in Edit before doing the batch operation
    • Adjustments can be rearranged (good for small screens). This does not affect the processing order.
  • UI Improvements
    • Indicator for which adjustments have been applied to an image
    • Space-saving UI design limits the number of adjustments that are visible at a time.
    • Easier to use sliders in landscape device orientation
  • Batch Processing in the Grid** (See important note below)
    • Batch Apply Presets
    • Batch Paste of Adjustments
    • Batch Revert to Original
    • Batch Generate JPEGs for RAWs

*Note: Chromatic Aberration, Vignette, Perspective, and Black & White will be part of Advanced Adjustments Pack #2, which is inexpensive in-app purchase (not part of the current Advanced Adjustment Pack #1). Enhance will be bundled with the app and not require an in-app purchase. Beta testers will receive a promo code to get the in-app purchase for free when it’s released.

**Batch Processing is still under development. Because iOS has a very limited memory and background processing model (compared to the Mac), it is not certain that this feature will make it into version 2.0. You’ve been warned 🙂