The Future Is Here: Introducing Nitro

You may not know this, but RAW Power is built by just one person (me). For the past two years, I’ve been working like crazy on a new app. And now, I am proud to introduce Nitro to you. Nitro is written from the ground up with the latest technologies, and its combination of flexible storage options, camera support, and editing tools is unmatched by any app.

If you like RAW Power, you’ll love Nitro’s fresh interface and immense power. I have been fielding emails from many of you for some time, asking for features like gradients, brushing, cloning, XMP sidecars, synchronized zoom, and more. All of those (and a lot more) are in Nitro.

Nitro comes with a REAL free trial. No strings attached – you don’t have to sign up for a subscription. After you try it, you can buy it outright, or sign up for an inexpensive monthly or annual plan. Check out the Questions and Answers below to learn more.

RAW Power edits are 100% compatible with Nitro. If you use the Photo Library, Nitro reads RP edits automatically. If you use the Finder, then get the RAW Power update to use the new “Export Nitro XMP Sidecar” feature.

Enough talk. Here is a 30 second video about Nitro for Mac.

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You can also see screenshots and more information on the App Store and on my website.

Mac App Store Nitro Website

Today, Nitro is available for macOS. What about iOS? Well, Nitro for iOS is coming soon! Your purchase of Nitro for Mac will also give you full access to the iOS version when it’s released. I’m looking for a small number of dedicated beta testers for Nitro for iOS. if you use RAW Power for iOS regularly and are interested, please email Nitro iOS Beta Sign Up. Note: I cannot accept everyone who applies for beta testing, because large beta groups are too hard to manage.

Questions and Answers:

Why did you write a new app / Why not just add these features to RAW Power? I initially wrote RAW Power in 2016 as a simple photo extension. iOS and Mac apps were separate worlds and the dominant Apple technologies of today (for example, Metal) either did not exist, or were immature. Fast forward several years, and now all of those things have changed. Apple has even moved to a new programming language! Further, the underpinnings of RAW Power have become an obstacle to advancing the app. For example, the RAW Power engine is simply not able to handle features like masking and synchronized pan and zoom. I decided some time ago to start fresh, even though that would take a long time, because it provides the best foundation for a great photo app in the future.

I hate app subscriptions!  Not really a question, but so do I. That’s why Nitro has a completely free trial without a subscription signup, and a one-time purchase (lifetime) option. Nitro is more expensive than RAW Power because it does a lot more. (Apps have gotten more expensive in general to better reflect the immense effort involved, especially professional level apps.) The subscription options are there to provide flexibility: you can keep trying the app after the trial ends at a very low cost; and if you will use the app infrequently, a subscription (essentially renting it) is much cheaper than the one-time purchase.

What does this mean for RAW Power? RAW Power will continue to be maintained and offered for sale. It will NOT become a subscription app. It is less expensive than Nitro, and runs on older OS versions. I will continue to add camera support and fix bugs. You can get the update to RAW Power here.

What about other languages? Nitro is currently available in English, French, and German. I will also be localizing Nitro into Spanish, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified) very soon. If you want to help evaluate the quality of the translation, email Localization Help Sign Up.

How can I ask you questions? Just email me.