6 Expert Tips For Macro Photographers

Macro photography is all about taking pictures of tiny objects from a remarkably close distance. Today, it’s one of the most popular photography techniques, because it’s interesting to see intricate details of everything from insects and plant life to birds, fish, and more. If you’re an aspiring macro photographer and want to get better results, here are some tips that experts suggest.

6 Expert Tips For New Macro Photographers

Stabilize – because you are taking pictures of a very small object, any slight movement could cause blurriness or loss of details. Blurriness could be exaggerated if the lens is very close to the subject and the magnification level is high. So, it is important to keep the camera stable and motionless.

Adjust The Subject – if you already set up the camera with the proper settings and stable tripod positioning, you shouldn’t move it. Instead, move the subject to place it at proper distance and position from the camera lens. In macro photography, this technique is a big timesaver.

Improve Composition – if you are focusing on a tiny object, make sure it’s positioned in the middle of the frame. If you are shooting at a small pattern, try to fill whole frame with it. Experiment with different composition styles, until you get best results.

Clean Up – when taking macro photographs, you will realise that fingerprints, hair, dirt, and dust could become annoyingly visible. Make sure that the subject and camera lens are perfectly clean.

Use Flash Properly – beginners are reluctant to use flash, because it could make the subject too bright and the details less visible. Flash still works in macro photography if it’s positioned farther away. Use off-camera flashes that may give you more natural results.

Use The RAW Power® App- today’s smartphones have incredibly advanced cameras. Giving you a wide range of professional photo editing features, the RAW Power® Photo Editing App can help you produce professional looking macro photographs.

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