How To Take A Good Shot In The Snow

Snowy Scene

How To Take Great Photographs In The Snow

Taking great photographs outdoors can sometimes be challenging. However, regardless of your skill level or the equipment you use, just about anyone can take beautiful, creative photographs in any weather using the following tips. Even with a smartphone, and even in the snow, you will be taking photos like a pro in no time!

Focus On Contrast– Your camera’s autofocus will struggle when everything it sees is white. Switch off the autofocus setting and try focusing on something dark in your field of view. This will enable you to adjust for contrast and get a good shot.

Shoot In Aperture Priority Mode – If your camera or smartphone has it, take outdoor photos in Aperture Priority mode. This enables you to change your depth of field quickly, giving you a lot more creativity with less settings.

Capture The Snow While It’s Still Fresh – The best time to photograph snow is when it is still fresh. This gives you a blank canvas where the snow is the star and footprints, colored snow, and other image fouling debris is non-existent.

Keep Your Camera Warm – When it’s cold out, your camera or smartphone battery doesn’t keep its charge as long as it would in warmer weather. If you are taking a lot of photos, this can shorten your day in a hurry. When not photographing, or when setting up shots, keep your smartphone warm and dry in your pocket.

Don’t Let Bad Weather Stop You – Sometimes, the worse the weather gets, the better your chances become of capturing the perfect winter shot. Don’t be afraid to bundle up, grab an umbrella to keep your camera dry while shooting, and start looking for an opportunity. The umbrella also acts as a buffer zone for falling snow which can sometimes affect your camera’s ability to focus.

Be Fast, But Patient – Once it begins to warm up, snow can melt fast. You have to be quick to capture some good shots before this happens, but you must also be patient to ensure that you are capturing the shots that matter. It can be a delicate balance.

Use The RAW Power® App – Once you have your shot, make it even better with the RAW Power® app. Giving you a wide range of professional photo editing features, the RAW Power® Photo Editing App can help you produce professional looking photographs even in the snow.

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