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    Hi Nik,

    Now I‘m using RAW Power an iPad for a few months and the results are very good, i love it.
    I‘m looking for a very new workflow for me, to get rid of Adobe completly. What i would like to see, ist hte possibility, to sync the changes made in RP on iPad to the instance on the Mac without using the Fotos App. I don‘t want my RAW files there in the Fotos App. Iread your Artikel linked in the docs about the Photos App and how it handles extensions. This made me clear, that it would work better for me, Using RP as a stand alone instance only for RAW processing. I have no Problem, to sync them over the iCloud, but i don‘t want the RAW files in the Fotos App.
    So, could You add a sync feature over iCloud?
    One other thing: It would be great, the have an dng export option, which includes all the metaddata and processing steps for archiving. Is this possible? I would hlike to habe an export/archive option with included steps and changes i made, waht a tiff export doesn‘t offer.

    Best regards




    Nik Bhatt


    I am planning to add the ability to export adjustments information from the various apps so that you can sync changes as you suggested. It’s a bunch of work, so it won’t be happening very soon, but it’s a priority.

    Please note that RAW Power can work with the Photos library directly (on Catalina), so you don’t need to use the Extension and the limitations that Apple puts on them.

    It’s possible to store the adjustment information into DNG and read it back into RAW Power. However, other apps would not be able read or understand the data because the adjustments themselves are RAW Power-only (I can store data that they could read, but they would interpret it incorrectly). I’ll make a note to add that to the feature list.


    Hi Nick,

    Thank You for your reply. Until now, I‘m only using RP on my iPad, but I‘m planing to use the Mac Version too, if the snc between the instances would work, like i would like to have it.
    On the iPad i can‘t find a way to do an dng export. As far as i know, in the Mac version either. How to do this?
    Maybe, I missunderstand something, my english is not so good, but i haven‘t found anything about dng export in the documentation.
    The other thing is: I would prefer, not to have my RAWs in the Fotos App. I use a Nikon Z7, the RAW files are pretty big and i am using the Fotos App for years only for the edited jpg files. Coming from the anlogue world, the Fotos App is my Fotoalbum and Lightroom was my collection of the negatives. This is, what i want to have with Raw Power. A Developing instance with a separate collection of all my RAW files, synconised between Mac and iPad. I‘m taking up to 5000 RAW a year and it will be very confusing, havind them all, with my editet and smaller jpg the same time in the Fotos App And timeline. While travelling, I‘m using only RAW Power on my iPad for importing and developing the RAWs. Then i do an export as jpg in max size to the Fotos App. This ist working pretty well, but sometimes i would like to do an readjustment lateR at home an my iMac. Thats why i would like to have the possibility to sync the Raw Power Database between the iPad and the iMac and vice versa.

    Nik Bhatt

    RAW Power does not have a DNG export feature. It is on the list for a future release.

    Thanks for letting me know how you would like to use the app through iCloud (but not with iCloud Photos).

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