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    Finally took the plunge after a decade of Aperture and now committed to RP (thanks Nik)

    Is there a plan to allow sorting by size? I don’t seem to see it as an existing tool in Photos or RPower…
    My database is 600Gb and trying to quickly find a way to trim some of the largest images and duplcated to lose some ‘weight’ 🙂

    I could probably set up a slew of smart albums, sorted into size categories, but wondered if someone has beaten this horse before me

    Nik Bhatt


    I’m glad you are using (and happy with the app). Sorting by size is useful feature, but the problem is that Photos doesn’t provide that information in an efficient way. Basically, I would have to download every original (if it’s in the cloud) and get the size at that point. That’s why a lot of information is only available in Edit mode or after the image has been downloaded – Photos provides only the bare minimum (they don’t even tell me whether the original file is a RAW or not).


    OK, Thanks Nik.
    It’s a real shame that Apple doesn’t provide any indication of their plans for Photos. Given that the backbone of the app is the foundation for so many front-ends, knowing what they planned for the back office would be nice 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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