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    Nik Bhatt

    I am able to reproduce the problem with Auto Enhance with Levels. I’ll have to see what’s going on – probably just a mistake in mapping the parameters. When that happens, the controls end up on top of each other, which can create invalid positions, which might lead to a crash. The fix is a) map the points properly and b) clamp the levels controls so they cannot overlap.

    TN Args

    Thanks for re-entering this thread Nik.

    Don’t forget to look at the batch crashing that the OP mentioned and I confirmed.

    I can’t even batch export to JPEG for a batch of more than 10 images — it just crashes. It almost makes RP unusable.

    I am using the top model 2020 iPad Pro, so really shouldn’t be the machine’s limits to blame.


    Nik Bhatt

    Yes, I wrote on the thread earlier today that I think I have a fix for that. This week is WWDC so I’ve been busy with that. I will try to get a beta out with that fix. If any of you want to be on the beta, then email with your AppleID’s email address (that’s what Apple’s TestFlight uses to send out beta builds).


    Hi Nik, Andy.
    My cure for crashes when sending originals was to decrease the number of images until I found that with five images iOS will not kill the app.
    So, after latest update, 3.3.2, had tried again batch export of originals with 12 raws.
    It worked this time.
    I don’t know if Nik had fixed, but will worth to double check.
    Sorry I didn’t have enough time for intensive testing these days, yet I’ll send an email for beta.
    Great addition accessing folders from files. We don’t need now to copy files inside app. I was dreaming for this feature. Culling workflow is perfect now.
    Thank you Nik for your hard work.


    Thanks Nik, that’s excellent news. I don’t mind waiting for the release though.

    Best regards



    Hi Nik,

    Thank you so much for the update. The Levels issues do seem to be, both the weird black setting, and the crash if attempting to adjust using Auto Enhance.

    I have just tried a batch Auto Enhance, and initially did 57 images without a problem, and then 53 images, which crashed RP. I did a Force Quit and tried again, and it was fine that time.

    FWIW, I have also noticed that RP does slow down a lot after editing 20 or so images, when I find that Force Quitting and relaunching sets it back to normal speed for a while. This is quite a regular pattern. However, it’s not a deal breaker, and RP is superb at what it does in general.

    I’m just posting here in case any others might have the same issue.

    (2020 iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB)



    Nik Bhatt

    It’s odd that the app would slow down – the way iOS works, there is no swap file that would lead to slowness the way one might see on the Mac. Perhaps the GPU is slowly getting overwhelmed.


    To be more accurate, it’s actually the adjustment sliders that are slowing down, they start to experience lag, which gradually gets worse with each image (once the effect starts), until it becomes almost unusable, until the point the lag starts, the adjusters operate perfectly well. Simply closing the app doesn’t do anything, but a Force Quit resets it, and I can continue editing a similar amount of images before it starts again.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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