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    My Adobe Lightroom subscription is coming up for renewal next month and I would like to let it expire. Do you have any info you could share as to when the next version of Raw Power will be released and if it will have any local adjustment features.

    I would like to use Raw Power as my main editing software and would be able to with a few more features available.

    Thank you very much.

    Jerry Dean

    Nik Bhatt

    My plan is to release 3.0 for both iOS and Mac toward the end of the year, after Apple releases the new versions of macOS and iOS.

    Brushing is planned for 3.0. I have been posting progress on Twitter recently. Here are links to those tweets:




    If you use twitter, you may want to follow @gentcoders as I plan to post other progress as well.


    Hello Nik,
    I’m happy that you’re thinking already on a new version, but I would like to propose a small feature for both iOS and macOS RawPower’s. It can be for sure helpful for users already now, but even more when the 3rd version will be released.

    It is about implementing the possibility to select which tools should be displayed or hidden and also the possibility to reorder them. Every user has different needs so she/he can configure the screen by own preferences.

    The v3 will be already a hybrid iOS/macOS app?

    Nik Bhatt

    Hi Vlado,

    Thanks for the suggestion. On iOS, there is already the ability to reorder adjustments (in the menu in the upper left corner of Edit). You cannot totally hide adjustments, but you can collapse them by tapping on the titles.

    Mac doesn’t have the reorder feature, but it’s planned for 3.0. I also hope to add a hide feature as well, but am not sure yet.

    By hybrid app, if you mean using Apple’s Marzipan technology, then no. However, RAW Power on iOS and Mac share a lot of code.



    THANK YOU for posting this information. I’m currently using FastRawViwewer to cull/rate images, then handing off to RawPower as an external editor. Having local adjustments in RP will turn this combo an awesome workflow. I’ll definitely be upgrading to version 3.

    -Dan K


    Dear Nik,
    June 15, 2019:
    I know you are probably flooded with requests for enhancements etc. But for the next version of Standalone RP it would be important to add Keywording (and the ability to add a Master Keyword list – ON1 RAW 2019 can do it now). I was surprised to note that you do not show the Keywords which ARE already in a tiff file – the Finder does show them all! Or is it a limitation of the Trial Version?

    Now, again, to add things up for Version 3 (maybe some items even for 2.x??)- this is all about the Stand-Alone Version, as it will not be possible
    to have all features for the Photos Extension 🙂

    1. Raw Power for MacOS should offer Keywording & Search Features if it is used as a Stand-Alone Version without Photos.
    2. Raw Power should enable Captions & Descriptions and show them in the Info Panel
    3. Versioning and also Renames in Finder should be possible
    4. It would be nice to show and list (unmodified) mp4 and mov files (even Photos does do that) – in order to have the “complete picture”.
    5. Enable Drag & Drop to iMovie in order to make good slideshows
    Best Regards, regix


    @ regixkn and all others.

    I don’t want to dismiss your features requests, every user needs and tastes are very different, but…

    When I discovered RAW Power, mainly the macOS version, I was hoping to have a super simple app for making only few fast adjustment to a raw picture and to export or print! it.
    Now seems that RP will sink in the bulk of many other similar apps by adding countless of features to become what other apps using apple engine are, just with a different interface design and layout.
    This is my point of view, possible that nobody will join. I also understand that Nik want / need to earn money, so my proposal is to focus on image quality instead of functions quantity. Simplicity is genius!


    Nik Bhatt

    Thanks for your suggestions.
    The 3.0 release of RAW Power will be focused on brushing, ratings / tagging / flagging, queries, and support for Photos library on Mac.
    That’s a lot of work, so I won’t be taking on keywords in that release. However, keywords are definitely on the near-term roadmap.
    Some of the other ones may make it in 3.0 – not sure yet.

    Keywords not showing in the info area: that’s a simple thing to add. I’ll make a note to put that in 3.0.


    Nik Bhatt

    I appreciate your concern – as I continue to add features, it can be hard to keep the simplicity of the original version. However, I tried hard to keep the “raw” simplicity of the editor, even in 2.0. For example, though there is a full file browser, thumbnail grid, etc. you can still just use File > Open to quickly edit and export an image. That will continue in 3.0 as well.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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