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    Thanks for the latest update – it seems to have addressed a number of minor issues I’d been having.

    There are a couple of things I’d like to see added or changed though.

    Firstly, is it possible to add a keyboard shortcut or right-click menu item for Auto Enhance? My workflow tends to comprise going through each image, applying Auto Enhance, then Crop, then going into more detailed edits. In Apple Photos, it’s possible to apply Auto Enhance whilst viewing images in the grid, which I find useful. It’s also a good way of getting very quick results for multiple images in one go.

    Secondly, I’d quite like the Crop tool to be separate to the other editing tools and moved to the first menu with Recover Highlights etc. For me it’s something I do very early on and at the moment it involves a lot of switching back and forth between the menus in order to edit each image. So I have to select the first menu; click on Auto Enhance tool; click on Auto Enhance button; click Done; Select the Edit menu; crop image; maybe make some other adjustments. Then I move onto the next image and it starts all over again….

    Nik Bhatt

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have made a note about the auto enhance. Applying auto enhance outside of Edit is a complex change (in Photos, you can see it actually has to display a progress dialog because of the extra steps required to “edit outside of edit”.

    As far moving Crop, I think that would be poorly received by many people – they already complain to me that Auto Enhance is not in the same area with the sliders. There is a good reason why Auto Enhance is not with the sliders, but I will think about it.


    Okay Nik, I completely understand – you can’t please everyone!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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