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    It’s probably not possible to avoid the confirmation message before saving back to the Photos Library?

    What’s most annoying is that after every edit there is a confirmation window.
    It would be great if there was a possibility to make a “bulk confirmation”.

    I mean:

    1. View mode Pic1
    2. Edit mode Pic1
    3. View mode Pic2
    4. Edit mode Pic2
    5. Confirm Pic1 + Pic2 + ….


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    Nik Bhatt

    I have heard this request from multiple customers and it’s something I am looking into. The reason the app works the current way is to ensure that changes are always “pushed” into the photo library. However, I understand (and agree) that it can be annoying to have to keep confirming each edit (the confirmation is coming from the Photo library).


    Thanks for the reply.
    I assumed that it was a restriction by Apple but I’d be happy if a sort of “transaction” feature would be possible:
    perhaps with a setting in preferences.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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