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Hi Nik,

Thank you so much for the update. The Levels issues do seem to be, both the weird black setting, and the crash if attempting to adjust using Auto Enhance.

I have just tried a batch Auto Enhance, and initially did 57 images without a problem, and then 53 images, which crashed RP. I did a Force Quit and tried again, and it was fine that time.

FWIW, I have also noticed that RP does slow down a lot after editing 20 or so images, when I find that Force Quitting and relaunching sets it back to normal speed for a while. This is quite a regular pattern. However, it’s not a deal breaker, and RP is superb at what it does in general.

I’m just posting here in case any others might have the same issue.

(2020 iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB)