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    Hi Nik,

    You might remember the issue I’d been having with getting corrupted preview image in editing mode here, on my iPad Pro (2020 model). I do keep going back to Raw Power, and trying it to see if this becomes resolved somehow.

    Well, it seems it has, at the moment anyway. I’ve edited a good number of my images recently, and haven’t seen a single psychedelic image.

    I can only think that it might be to do with me turning off the Apple Private Relay feature. Is that a possibility? Although that has also been around the time of the release of iPadOS 16.4. Don’t know if that also a possibility that an Apple bug might have been quietly fixed.

    Just some thoughts anyway.



    BTW, I’m still seeing a random crash, usually after editing 15-20 images, the app just quits (doesn’t seem to be linked to any particular adjustment this time). I force close it, and reopen, and it’s fine for a few more images.

    Nik Bhatt

    Hi Andy,

    The psychedelic images was fixed by Apple in 16.4.

    As far as the random crash goes, I’m not sure – can you send me a crash log? Please email support@gentlemencoders.com.



    Thanks Nik, that will explain that then.

    I’ve just tried a batch of photos again, and for sure the psychedelic preview seems to be fixed, but also I didn’t get a crash either. Although I have now just updated to 16.5.

    if it starts again, I’ll run the diagnostic log saving and send it to you.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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