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    Hi Nic. Just bought iOS and Mac OS versions of raw power and giving them a spin. Cloud sync between my Mac OS photos and iOS on the iPad works great and fairly synchronises the edits I made on the Mac onto the iPad iOS app. However, on the iPhone, when editing it reverts to the original file defaults. Is this a known problem and or is there a fix?

    Thanks RB

    Nik Bhatt


    Thanks for buying the apps; I’m surprised that the sync is working for some devices but not others. The apps themselves don’t do any of the synching – they just store data in the photo library and Apple takes care of synching it through iCloud Photo Library (in other words, the apps mostly don’t know that iCloud Photo Library even exists [except for knowing that images have to be downloaded]).

    Do edits you make on the iPhone get sent to the other devices?

    Also, I wonder if there is something “stuck” that is causing the iPhone to not get the right data. I suggest the following:
    1) On a device other than the iPhone, use the built-in Photos app (not RAW Power) and pick one of the photos that’s not working.
    2) Edit > Revert to Original
    3) Then, make an edit with that same Photos app (like a filter, or a crop).
    4) If you go to the iPhone, does the edit appear?
    5) If you go into Edit on the iPhone, can you adjust the crop or change the filter?
    Assuming that all works you can repeat steps 1-5, but instead of using Photos, use RAW Power. That may “unstick it”.

    If those first steps don’t work with Photos, then perhaps there is something messed up in iCloud.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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