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    After recently taking some long exposure photos to test out the recent RAW Power betas, I discovered some bad dust spots. I’m just curious if people have any workflow tips for correcting these as part of the editing process with RAW Power.

    Basically I’m trying to determine the best way to fix this via external apps (Affinity Photo) while still using RAW Power to do my RAW development. I’m thinking I should be making all of my adjustments in RAW Power, and then exporting a TIFF for spot removal/healing before creating a final JPG for my library?

    Wondering how others handle fixing similar types of issues. I realize I can also develop the RAW directly in Affinity, but I prefer RAW Power’s non destructive edits that sync via iCloud to the Mac as well, so I’d like to limit my external editor usage to things like spot removal, merging panoramas, exposure stacking, etc.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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