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    Pito Salas

    The thumbnails along the bottom (I think that’s what they are called) have a very thin blue outline to show that they are selected or current. Can we make that more prominent? Also as I navigate with the arrow keys it would be nice if the thumnails scrolled so that the selected image doesn’t get stuck at the leftmost or rightmost edge so that I can’t see the context. You could keep it in the middle or scroll once the selected imate is within n images of the right or left edge.

    Udo Matzinger

    I second both points.


    This has certainly been a big point of discussion, and one I find interesting to see pop up here.
    Do you:

    1. keep the selection fixed, and move the filmstrip along


    2. do you fix the filmstrip, and move the selection along

    It can depend on using N-Up modes too. It’s appears to be not easy to please everyone here, especially when N-Up selections are involved.

    Personally, I’m with you, certainly for single image viewing/editing, I feel its better to fix the selection in the centre, then move along only when you get to the end (or beginning) of the row. This is so you can see the images preceding, or following, the current selected one. For me, this doesn’t matter how you navigate, whether it’s swipe, click, or arrow key.

    For N-Up, Nitro fixes the filmstrip so the thumbnails are static (unless you manually move it along) as you select multiple images (that can be irritating if it moved along as you selected each image).

    It’s actually not as straight forward a choice as it seems, with personal preferences, and workflow practices to consider.



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    Pito Salas

    Where was that discussion, I didn’t see it. And where else then here would it pop up?

    Anyway, to answer your question:

    I am using the cursor keys to move to the next and previous images. I try to stay with the keyboard as much as I can.

    Nik Bhatt

    If the app always centers, then when you select images for n-up or a batch operation, the image you selected moves out from underneath your cursor. That is either super handy or super annoying.

    Nik Bhatt

    People have emailed me to discuss this topic.

    Nik Bhatt

    Pito, are you in light or dark mode when using Nitro? What do you mean by “more prominent”? Are you asking for the color to be brighter?


    Though my eyes aren’t in their best condition anymore, I have no problem at all with the outlining of the thumbnails. I have set the Appearance to Dark-mode and the Viewer background to 0.20. This gives me plenty of contrast and a crisp blue line around the thumbnails. When I change the Appearance and viewer background to pure white, it gets a bit more difficult to see where you are in the thumbnails (But I don’t like that setting at all anyway). However when setting the Appearance to Dark-mode and the viewer background to pure white to 1 It is still very convenient to follow were you are with the thumbnails
    Also moving forward and backward through the thumbnails, using the arrow keys, serves me very well. If I want to keep an overview I use to swipe through the thumbnails in stead of using the arrow keys, or in practice use both (arrow and swiping).
    In N-up mode it works very convenient as it is now.

    So as the wildrover writes. “It is not easy to please everyone”. Playing a bit with the settings did it for me. I have and use different apps, and they all have their specifics when it comes to the UI-view and sizes of text for instance.

    Nitro serves me very well in this regard. (ha, and in lot of other things too -;)


    Joachim Jundt

    No problems here as well. It’s best in dark mode, but also in “bright mode” the blue frame is recognizable. I’ve seen worse in other apps.

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