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    Hello Nik,

    As I said in my other post, fantastic job on the iOS app but also here on the Mac app, such a great piece of software from someone who understands photography and photographers (not focusing on AI replacement of the skies like the big corpos out there ;).

    Quick question for the people who shoot RAW+JPEG :

    1) Is there a plan in the roadmap to bring back stacking ? It’s so much easier for culling to be able to cull on the pair instead of having to give stars/picks to the same photo twice every time (I’m aware that one can filter out jpegs or raws and cull, but then the xmp is written just for one file and not the other) – especially when culling to reject files to be deleted.

    2) For catalog origanization it’s also very handy to be able to move stacked pairs instead of doing the same job all the time.

    My workflow is like this specifically for 2 reasons :

    1- Nothing beats post-processing with W RAW Studio from Fuji (using the in-camera processor) in term of colors rendition
    2- I still want to keep the RAW for the future, as style and current moods change, to be able to edit in a different style or move from B&W to Color.

    I think a lot of photographers are in the same position, and this being one of the reasons I moved away from the new Lightroom, where they refuse to let people manage their library in pairs. Apple Photos does it very well but has shortcoming on the editing part, FastRawViewer is also fantastic for culling, but again not editing features. So maybe Nitro will solve all our issues at once ? 🙂

    Nik Bhatt

    Yes, I would like to add stacking outside of the Photo Library. There are some complexities that are not obvious at first blush (such as deletion, unstacking, default behaviors and the like).


    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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