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    Nik Bhatt

    Download it here: iOS App Store

    Dmitri R.

    Dear Nik,

    As a matter of fact that I began to use RAW Power 3 immediately just appeared on iTunes. Now, — it it updates to 3.0.1. My verdict: it is exact that is required for a professional workflow on mobile devices iPhone + iPad. I am especially impressed with the following:

    1) Ihe improved automatic modes. In RAW Power 2, they left some blank “teals” on the dark and bright sides of the histogram, but not always (I did not find a system in that gap). So, I almost always fixed the histogram “tails” by my finger, using the curve. Now, the auto modes work properly, without blank “tails.

    2) The histogram has became more sensitive. Sopposedly, you increased the sensitive spot. At least, in the past, I hooked the histogram sliders by my finger not each time.

    3) LUTs are my passion. As a photographer who initially worked with film (scanned using Imacon), I can judge “how it looks on real scan”. So, the FujiFilm simulations are very exact compared to real film scans. I recomend these LUTs to everyone. What I would add to the LUT list is a number of Ilford, Kodak and Agfa LUTs. There is a free redistributable set of Darktable film presets (they are as good as the commercial DxO presets). I never produced LUTs by my own, but someone else could produce LUTs from them via Darktable on a macbook or imac. The presets are here:

    What I did not find in RAW Power 3 are still:r
    1) Selective masks (because non-integral, selective luinosity masks/instruments are the main instruments for professional editing);
    2) Grain tool; I note that there is still NO a 16-bit grain tool for iOS/iPadOS. All iOS/iPadOS software that include a grain tool, such as Snapseed, etc., allows only 8-bit export. If addiing a grain tool to RAW Power, it will be the first tool allowing to add film grain to images expoted to 16-bit TIFF.

    You know, I purchased and tried actiually all iOS/iPadOS photo software. Just because my wish to release a professional photo workflow on iPhone/iPad stack. In brief, I found that only RAW Power + Affinity Photo satisfy my professional requirements (despite the fact that I evaluate ACDSee Pro as well). All other photo editing iOS/iPadOS apps are far behind the professional use. I do not list all these apps, as well as argue my decision. Meanwhile, trust my experience, I know that I speak.

    Thank you for carrying RAW Power and with my best wishes for the future — Dmitri

    Nik Bhatt

    Hi Dmitri,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    I will look at the Darktable presets.

    Selective adjustments and grain are on the list for the future. I have been working on both, but I did not finish before the software needed to be released.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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