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    Hi all,

    still clinging to Aperture, I’m curious about your workflow best practices with Raw Power.

    My workflow requirements:
    – Input are RAW/JPEG pairs from the camera, I’m using Aperture’s auto-stack feature to stack the pairs
    – First processing step is selection / star rating, which photos to keep (working on the collapsed stacks)
    – Second step is to edit the RAW or keep the JPEG version in case it’s better than my edited RAW (whichever of the two I choose goes on top of the stack)
    – Finally, the edited images go into my iCloud photo library, the RAW sources files go to my external disk

    – Does Raw Power support RAW+JPEG pairs? How can I switch between RAW/JPEG and selected the preferred version? Is there something similar to Aperture’s stacks?
    I would like to avoid dealing with duplicates during the selection processing, deleting and rating every photo twice (RAW and JPEG)
    – Are you importing your photos to iCloud before processing? I would like to avoid RAWs eating up my iCloud storage. On the other hand, an integrated laptop/iPad workflow seems tempting.

    I’d appreciate any insights or your editing process / best practices even if they do not directly answer my questions.


    Nik Bhatt

    It depends on whether you are using Photos or not. The app’s features are different because it leverages the Photo library when possible.

    1) R+J is supported as a pair when using the photo library. In the file browser, they are separate images. Photos stacks the images together; there is a menu item to switch (as Aperture had). You can batch switch as well in Photos. That feature is not present in RAW Power because Apple has not provided a way for me to do that.

    2) My library is under 2TB, so everything fits in the cloud.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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