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    I opened Nitro and selected files and chose a directory on my network. When I look into the sub folders, for the most part, the ratings are missing. I did notice one folder has ratings (that folder contains only JPG exports I used to make a calendar). When I open Raw Power, I can see the ratings of all the photos.

    Nik Bhatt

    Sorry to hear that. It depends on where the ratings are stored. Did you apply the ratings in RAW Power, or in a different app?

    If you applied them in RAW Power, then you will need to make a sidecar file that Nitro can read. You can do that selecting images in RAW Power and using File > Export Nitro XMP Sidecar.

    That export feature is best used for small groups of files (not hundreds or thousands) – I did not implement a progress dialog, etc. I suggest testing it with a few files first. I hope to add progress and such in the future to RAW Power for exporting sidecars.


    Yes, the images were tagged using RAW Power. I will give your suggestion a shot and let you know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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