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    I’m really struggling to find a replacement for Aperture that I like. C1 and LR process well, but are horribly clunky to use. I’ve just downloaded the RAW Power trial and I like what I see, although obviously a few things are still missing before it’s a true replacement.

    Perhaps one of the glaring omissions from a quick workflow perspective is the lack of one-key shortcuts to access editing tools, but there doesn’t seem to be much chat about it.

    I discovered that control-C gets the crop/straighten tool active, but it doesn’t bring up the crop rectangle, so still needs you to click onto the tool. Seems like a small inconvenience, but it all adds to the processing time when you’re culling through a lot of images. In Aperture, a quick press of the C (alone) brings that up. LR is similar, but it’s the R (for some bizarre reason), and that not only gets you the crop tool but also straighten if you drag outside the rectangle. Something like that would be perfect.

    Any chance we could get a comprehensive (and customisable) range of keyboard shortcuts for common editing tools?

    While I’m requesting, is there a rough ETA for a layer-based graduated filter tool? Those sort of tools are fantastic for skies etc. It’s one of the few features of C1 and LR that put them above Aperture IMO.

    Nik Bhatt


    There could be more shortcut access to tools – most of the adjustments can be added with a keystroke, but not for a tool within an adjustment (e.g. crop). It’s something I’d like to improve in the future, but it’s trickier to get right than it might appear (I have tried in the past but my quick fixes caused other bugs).

    I don’t have an ETA to share for graduated filters or other selective adjustments. Sorry – I have provided ETAs for features in the past, but since RAW Power is made by an individual developer (me), many things can throw me off track, so I no longer provide estimates or future directions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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