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    Nik Bhatt

    I just posted on the blog about my unsuccessful efforts to create a plug-in for Aperture that would handle unsupported images. Does anyone want a plugin for Aperture, Lightroom or other app? If so, why?


    I have always used Aperture and always will while it still works. However my big worry is upgrading my camera. I already know several people who have upgraded to Canon 6D MkII and 5D MkIVs and are annoyed that they are not supported even though High Sierra supports these cameras. An Aperture plugin to support new cameras would be grately appreciated by everyone who uses Aperture and still see it as a superior raw converter to Lightroom. I have purchased Raw Power for Mac OS and iOS and plan on testing it out in the near future but would really like an Aperture plugin version.

    Regards, John


    The thing I don’t like is that there will not be a library like Aperture offers because we can use RAW Power as an extension of Apple’s Foto’s.
    That for me will never happen to go to Foto’s.
    Did a test with converting to newest DNG but as long the camera has a AWB setting the conversion is about spot on but I don’t attend to ever use AWB think it’s doesn’t even should exist in a professional camera.
    The outcome of other settings of color temp. within camera is that DNG is a bit lighter and red’s are less saturated. So still if that’s the case you could anticipate.

    Regards, Ron

    Nik Bhatt

    Hi Ron,

    In Aperture, could you use a camera preset to adjust the DNG conversion more to your liking? Or possibly just a regular adjustment preset that tweaked the white balance might work to make the conversion match what you are expecting. Just a thought.


    Hi Nik,

    For consistency the camera is on “Flashmode” this will give a fixed color temp. it’s not this I’m worried about but more that it will change saturation at some point and a flaw loss of shadow dept. Will have to check if the correction will work with different settings of camera to get consistent correction.

    I never tweek images within RAW Nik because no RAW converter have RGB channels or Blend-if or selective color, calculations or apply image…….these things are for me important within Photoshop. Still happy that someone give the opportunity to use a very good RAW converter. (smile).
    It’s only a damn shame Apple sticks a nice in the back to a whole lot of people who believed in this program.

    Oh, I tried to reply your comment but it kept saying “Reply to: Plug-Ins

    Best regards, Ron

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