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    Desktop version of RAWpower, Mac OS High Sierra, Photos 3.0, I don’t use iCloud Photo Library.

    .ORF file from Olympus EPL2

    The ORF file (with no parallel JPEG) was dragged into Photos and is seen as a RAW file in Photos. Without any editing I then tried ‘Edit with > RAWpower’. This resulted in a .tif version opened in RAWpower not the ORF version, and so lacked the RAW processing options. It looks like Photos exported the file as a TIFF as opposed to pushing the RAW version out.

    In parallel I have been able to open the .ORF file on the SD card directly with RAWpower and it opens as RAW, no problem.

    Any hints as to how I can get Photos and RAWpower to speak to each other correctly? Thanks!

    Nik Bhatt


    If you are using Photos, then you want to use the RAW Power Extension.
    You access this within Photos’ Edit view. Click the “…” button and select RAW Power.
    When you use the extension, editing information is stored inside the Photos library and edits are non-destructive.
    Note: RAW Power will get access to the RAW, unless the image has already been edited (by Photos or by another extension)

    The “Edit With” feature of Photos converts the RAW to a TIFF and sends that instead. “Edit With” is intended for applications that don’t support RAWs.


    Thanks Nik – got it (slight facepalm moment there!)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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