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    I’m in trial version, looks nice, but when I zoom 2-3 times then unzoom, zoom – or zoom x icons, my mouse freezes long times again & again.
    Here are my iMac late 2012 infos, thanks for help. Other question: maps are in dark mode even if I change my mac to light mode, how may I display the maps in light mode ? Sorry I’m french and my english is quite poor !

    Nom du modèle : iMac
    Identifiant du modèle : iMac13,2
    Nom du processeur : Intel Core i7
    Vitesse du processeur : 3,4 GHz
    Nombre de processeurs : 1
    Nombre total de cœurs : 4
    Cache de niveau 2 (par cœur) : 256 Ko
    Cache de niveau 3 : 8 Mo
    Technologie Hyper-Threading : Activé
    Mémoire : 32 Go
    Version de la ROM de démarrage :
    Version SMC (système) : 2.11f14

    Nik Bhatt

    I’m sorry you are encountering performance issues with the app and your Mac. RAW Power uses the GPU almost entirely which can be an issue for older Macs. In addition, Apple has introduced a new GPU library called “Metal” which sometimes has issues on older hardware. (mouse freezing is an indication that the GPU is overloaded)

    Please try the following. Step 1 is to disable Metal.

    1) Go into RAW Power > Preferences
    2) Switch the GPU to OpenGL:
    3) Important: Quit and reopen RAW Power.

    If that doesn’t address the issue, please switch the CPU / GPU export setting in Preferences.

    Using the CPU for export further decreases the work the GPU has to do.

    I hope this helps.


    Thanks, using OpenGL solved the problem !
    Still in trial mode.
    Good day !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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