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    I have a few…

    I would like batch pasting of last edit to take place in the background (like DarkRoom – this will be a recurring theme). This would allow me to work on the next edit to be pasted to a different batch.

    I would like to select large groups of images by swiping (like DarkRoom or the Photos app) rather than tapping individual photos.

    I’d like an icon added to images that have been edited so I can see at a glance if I missed one.

    What happened to all photos? I can see albums, but not all photos…. I’d like that back, or if I’m just missing it, in a more prominent location.

    I’d like the crop tool to be “live” when opened, like (not DarkRoom) the other tools. Right now you have to tap the box in order to use any of the crop tools.

    When batch pasting last edit it would be nice if you could exempt certain parts of the edit (primarily the crop tool) from the batch.

    The top two are the most important for workflow and are the main reason Raw Power Falls behind DarkRoom. My results with Raw Power are much better, but workflow is so slow I dread using it. Workflow is also the number one complaint of photographers I’ve referred to Raw Power.

    Nik Bhatt

    The forum is a fine place to post feature requests. People also send them in via email (

    Batch Paste in the background – the biggest issue is memory on iOS. On devices with a lot of RAM, this is probably doable. On others, the app will definitely run out of memory. I’ll make a note to see what’s involved. (This appears to be an issue in Darkroom as well – they have noted in the past that editing multiple RAW images can lead to crashes.)

    Swipe to select – this is planned for 3.0
    Adjusted badge – this is planned for 3.0
    All Photos – Apple confusingly renamed All Photos to “Recents”, but it appears to be the same thing
    Live Crop tool – will be in 3.0.
    Choose which adjustments for batch paste – not currently on the list for 3.0, but I’ll make a note.

    I’m sad to read that people you have referred are also unhappy with the workflow — I don’t get emails or other posts with complaints, so this is news to me. Please have your colleagues email me to share their feedback, as you have just done (or they can post here, of course).


    What if the photos were simply tagged with a UNIX time stamp for a “batch” and the actual edits could be done in the background one at a time? Or is the actual data for the edits not that large either? Being able to move on without waiting for the batch to finish is the big thing.

    Looks like you’re hitting most of the issues mentioned. That’s great! I can move on to my secondary tier then….

    One thing I miss about Lightroom, that they had and then moved to a less convenient space, is the ability to rate a photo with one to five stars, or flag with one of three statuses (flag/unflag/delete). At one time you could just slide up/down on the left or right side of the photo (depending on which function) while in the edit window. Many of us abandoned our computers at that point and started doing our initial culls and edits on iPad. It was so good! Much faster than LR on the computer.

    I don’t remember which ones have mentioned it but I remember several discussions with other photographers, primarily wedding photographers.

    One of the positives I share about Raw Power is how accessible and responsive you are….. heck, you’re even anticipating requests now.


    Nik Bhatt

    The editing information is small – that’s not what causes the issues with memory. It’s the sheer amount of memory that RAW images consume when they are decoded.

    The key difference between iOS and desktop operating systems is that iOS has an absolute memory limit (which is the amount of physical memory in the device). On iOS, if an app allocates more memory than is currently available, iOS will often kill the application (force it to crash). On Mac and Windows, an application can allocate more than is available and the operating system can adapt to it – far beyond the physical memory of the machine. On iOS, if you are applying presets in the background + you are editing, then that’s two full size RAW images. A lot of devices simply don’t have enough memory to load and process two images (much of the memory on a device is allocated to the operating system – apps don’t get access to all of the RAM.)

    To your other point, ratings and flags are is coming in RAW Power 3.0 as well (it’s a big release, which is why it’s taking a while to implement). The Mac version will have all the same features as well.

    Nik Bhatt

    By the way, what device(s) do you have? As I mentioned, background rendering would have to be limited to higher-memory devices.

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