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    After setting a custom aspect ratio in the Crop and Straighten section, it is quite difficult to slightly change the custom ration again.

    For example, I cropped a photo with
    – Custom: 471 : 323
    – Origin 760 x 275
    – Size: 6891 x 4725
    and clicked “Done.” For some reason in publishing, I had to change the aspect ratio to 472:323. But the “Custom” field is grayed out and the “Aspect Ratio” pull down is set to “Original (3 x 2).” So I had to choose “Custom” from the pull down again and then the “Custom” filed was automatically changed to “1024:683.” If I enter “472:323” manually, the cropped area is totally different from the previous edit.

    It is also very difficult to adjust the cropping area and angle together. Once cropped, the outer area is not displayed when sliding the “Straighten” bar.


    I found a work around but it is a bit tricky. Maybe it is a bug.

    1. Click “Edit” to start change the aspect ratio.
    2. Change “Aspect Ratio” pull down from “Original (3 x 2)” to “Custom”
    3. The ratio is unwillingly forced to be 1024:683
    4. Commnd + Z
    5. The ratio is changed back to 471:323
    6. Change 471:323 to a new setting

    But even in this work around, the “Size” setting is not automatically changed. So I had to resize the cropping area manually to reflect the 472:323 setting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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