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    As a long time Aperture user I am looking to switch platform and have been trialling RAW Power. I’ve a Mac Mini Server 2011 running on High Sierra which I’m looking to upgrade so I can use Mojave but for now I’ve not been able to resolve a couple of issues.

    In the Edit window whenever I zoom to 100% the image blacks out and I can only see it again by zooming back out. I’ve changed preferences to Open GL and back again but no success.

    In the Viewer window the Preview Size options don’t seem to effect any change – the images always are at 50% when I zoom to full size.

    I wondered if these two issues are linked? Thank you!

    Nik Bhatt


    As far as #1, my guess is that the GPU is unable to display the image at full size. If you try a JPEG, does it work any better?

    For #2, the Preview Size option controls the size that previews are made after you edit an image. If the image is not edited, then the app will use either the embedded JPEG or the RAW, depending. The app will sometimes zoom to 50% rather than 100% when you are not in Edit, but once you are in Edit, it should always go to 100%.


    Thank you.

    I have tried JPEG, TIF and different RAW files without any real difference. If a GPU issue then I will try the app again once I’ve upgraded my Mac which I intend to do anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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