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    Most of the time I use RawPower only for selecting photos after a studio session.
    Often I have around 300 – 500 photos (nef, nikon z7). I backup the files to a portabel ssd. From the ssd I import the photos into RawPower. With ios 14 (latest release, Ipad Air 2020) I often get a error message box that some of the photos can‘t be imported because they are missing (>50 photos). But when I import the same photos with the selecting import I have no problem.

    My first feature request is a import dialog box with a progress bar.
    Perhaps with a button to retry the import when a error occured or a least a log-file with the photo names which had import problems. Also nice would be a message that the import was successful finished.

    I use the star rating feature, but would it be possible to have additional rating/selection feature like colors?

    I also would like to have a small window with a magnified version of the photo and the possibility to select the source point und the magnifier rate. This would be great to check the sharpness of the photo.

    Another great feature would be to have the possiblity to change the filtering menu to a fix panel below of the screen to speed up my work flow.

    Best regards

    Nik Bhatt


    Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that the app could use a better import experience. One of the problems is that iOS has some bugs with import that I have reported, but they haven’t fixed – specifically around progress. I think it’s possible to work around them with some effort.

    Further rating options like colors are certainly possible. Color (tags) are supported on Mac because the Finder has that.

    The other features make sense too, though the filtering menu request is a little confusing to me. The panel works the way it does because it has to fit on tiny iPhone screens where a panel simply wouldn’t fit. I’m not sure it would fit on an iPad mini in portrait orientation either. I suppose it’s possible to build separate interfaces for iPad and others, though I try to avoid that due to the effort involved. I’ll think about it though. Aperture didn’t have such a panel either, but it did have shortcut keys to quickly set common filtering options. That might be a good compromise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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