Export Presets?

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    When exporting you have the option to export to a file size in pixels.
    It does not specify whether it is the width, height or longest edge.
    By experimenting it is the longest edge so maybe that could be stated.

    What would be better though is if the maximum width and maximum height could be specified individually.
    If the image is to go on a projector you need that or the image may be clipped.

    What would be even better is if we could save an Export Preset as I have lots of different size and aspect requirements for different purposes.
    For example I need to export some in landscape mode 2400Wx1600H and some portrait 1600Wx2000H.
    (The image is already cropped to the correct aspect but not the correct pixel size in Raw Power Edit Mode.)

    Being able to save Export Presets would make things a lot easier.


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