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    When I use the Export Original to Photo Library command when working with a raw file in the browser, the Export to Photo Library popup appears with options such as Output size, format (jpeg, TIFF, etc). Through trial and error I discovered that as long as I did not select any of the options in the popup, the original raw file will be exported to the Photos Library. Unnecessarily confusing, however, as there is no Export Original option in the popup. There is also nothing in the Manual about this so it truly is trial and error ….

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    Nik Bhatt

    Thanks for your report. I was not able to see the problem initially, but now I think I am able to reproduce it.

    If I use Export to Photo Library (not original) and then pick Export Original to Photo Library, I get the extra settings.

    I will look into a fix for the next release.


    Thanks Nik, yes, that’s what I’m seeing too, although it wasn’t until you mentioned it that I saw the link to the sequencing of the two export functions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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