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    Derek Vallintine

    I have an image of flowing water taken using a slow shutter speed, 1/5th of a second. I want to convert the image to black and white and I am wondering if any of you have done b/w conversions and if you have could you tell me what features in Rawpower did you use?

    Regards Derek

    Nik Bhatt

    Black and White conversions are creative by nature, so there are multiple ways to go about it. RAW Power has four different simple black and white conversion tools you can try:
    1. The Black and White adjustment, which has various color filters.
    2. The Fuji Acros Simulation
    3. Other Black and White LUTs that come with the app
    4. Presets – there are three BW conversions in there as well.

    You can also download LUTs from elsewhere that have nice BW conversions.

    Derek Vallintine

    Thanks for replying Nik, in presets I used the high contrast grade 5 to really boost up a low contrast image.


    I’ve been using the On1 LUTs here, they have a load of free LUTs that are quite handy for a bit of creativity. There’s a nice set of B&W ones in their set, which I’ve used to create some of my own presets in RP for my favourite ones.

    Just do a search for On1 free LUTs.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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