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    Joachim Jundt

    10 years ago was the introduction of a new UI paradigm in Aperture. The library icons (and the tool icons, too) went from colour to grey. Difficult to recognize and as patterns (“from top, three magenta icons, one yellow, then the third blue is the album I’m working in”) the grey icons were no longer a helpful orientation. OK, Nitro doesn’t have projects (now) or smart albums, which leaves only folders and albums. Still, I’m just curious: why were and are colours not used as helpful and quick way for an orientation? What do forum participants think about using colors the “old” way? Even finder uses colours to signal folder / smart folder.
    <img src="<img src=”; alt=”” />” alt=”grey icons compared to former coloured icons” />

    I don’t want to tell other people, “coloured icons are better”, just to me they are better and helping me to navigate quicker.

    Nik Bhatt

    Some color is useful yes. Apple went away from color icons as part of an overall design direction several years ago.
    Sometimes people don’t like the color in the UI distracting from the content (the photos).

    Joachim Jundt

    “Distracting” could also be said about the thumbnails they are also in colours. To me, it’s a completely different work: being in the library and organize it or editing images. Honestly, I never got my head around that reasoning: colours are an important factor of organizing traffic or bring people to the right airplane. Imagine all traffic signs would be grey to not distract from the landscape :D.

    Anyway, in my opinion it was a very stupid design decision and so far nobody delivered some logical, comprehensive basics about that. I say “some people need the colours to navigate quicker”. And the larger the library, the more important becomes a quick navigation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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