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    Third time trying to post this today…

    I’ve been having an issue where my .cr3 files are too bright when viewing in the library. Only .cr3 files, not .jpg or .cr2 even.

    Only does it on .cr3 files in the files app, not the photo app.

    When zoomed in, even just a little, correct brightness shows, zoom back out, back to too bright.

    After making an edit, correct brightness seems to show.

    Canon Rebel T8i for reference.

    I tried two different images thinking it was a photo profile issue, it doesn’t appear to be seeing as I show two images, one with camera auto lighting optimizer on and off thinking that could possibly be the issue.

    Please help me out as it is becoming frustrating to see.

    Thank you in advance,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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