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    Hi all,

    I have a question regarding the auto enhance function in the iOS version: When applying it to pictures with faces in it, a face/head icon appears next to the wand icon. It seems that special corrections are applied to the image because Raw Power detects a face in it. It also seems to me that the white balance is adjusted and skin tones appear more natural. However, no adjustment is visible in the WB section and I can’t figure out which other adjustment is responsible for the better skin tone.

    Can anybody shed more light on what exactly the face icon in the auto enhance section means and which adjustment specifically is responsible for the better skin tone? I just found in the manual that auto enhance uses a “special white balancer that uses face detection”. However, it seems that this adjustment is not reflected in the WB section?

    On a general note, having used Raw Power used only on DSLR images until now, I’m impressed with what Raw Power can do to iPhone pictures and how much better it is than the stock iOS editing mode.


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    Nik Bhatt


    The auto enhance and auto white balance in RAW Power are combinations of two algorithms: one from Apple and one of my own devising. The Apple auto enhance includes the face balance technology. It works well, but has a downside. Apple provides no practical way for me to use it outside of auto enhance. That is why there is no equivalent “face balance” in the White Balance adjustment. So, it’s adjustment that only appears in auto enhance and is only controlled by the “face icon”.

    Glad that you like using it for JPEGs too – as you have found, almost everything in the app is applicable to JPEGs as well as RAWs.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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