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What if the photos were simply tagged with a UNIX time stamp for a “batch” and the actual edits could be done in the background one at a time? Or is the actual data for the edits not that large either? Being able to move on without waiting for the batch to finish is the big thing.

Looks like you’re hitting most of the issues mentioned. That’s great! I can move on to my secondary tier then….

One thing I miss about Lightroom, that they had and then moved to a less convenient space, is the ability to rate a photo with one to five stars, or flag with one of three statuses (flag/unflag/delete). At one time you could just slide up/down on the left or right side of the photo (depending on which function) while in the edit window. Many of us abandoned our computers at that point and started doing our initial culls and edits on iPad. It was so good! Much faster than LR on the computer.

I don’t remember which ones have mentioned it but I remember several discussions with other photographers, primarily wedding photographers.

One of the positives I share about Raw Power is how accessible and responsive you are….. heck, you’re even anticipating requests now.