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Dear Nik,
June 15, 2019:
I know you are probably flooded with requests for enhancements etc. But for the next version of Standalone RP it would be important to add Keywording (and the ability to add a Master Keyword list – ON1 RAW 2019 can do it now). I was surprised to note that you do not show the Keywords which ARE already in a tiff file – the Finder does show them all! Or is it a limitation of the Trial Version?

Now, again, to add things up for Version 3 (maybe some items even for 2.x??)- this is all about the Stand-Alone Version, as it will not be possible
to have all features for the Photos Extension 🙂

1. Raw Power for MacOS should offer Keywording & Search Features if it is used as a Stand-Alone Version without Photos.
2. Raw Power should enable Captions & Descriptions and show them in the Info Panel
3. Versioning and also Renames in Finder should be possible
4. It would be nice to show and list (unmodified) mp4 and mov files (even Photos does do that) – in order to have the “complete picture”.
5. Enable Drag & Drop to iMovie in order to make good slideshows
Best Regards, regix