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Chip Towner

Hi Nik,
The use case that brought Shortcuts integration to mind is that I would like to be able to apply a Raw Power filter action in a shortcut (get all 4 star photos within a date range) and then perform an operation on each of the resulting of images (for example, add the four star rating to the metadata and perhaps to tag the file with a tag like “4star”). Then if I were to give the images to friends or family they would be able to see my ratings in the metadata and if they had Apple devices perhaps even see the tags (I understand tagging in RAW Power was broken by Apple).

For my simple example I would simply want a RAW Power shortcut action to provide me with a list of the file paths. You could obviously add features to RAW Power to add the metadata but I may be the only user who wants this feature.

Not sure if the use case makes sense to you or not but I figured it never hurts to ask.