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Hi Nik, and all,

Just to update this. the issue with the psychedelic previews is now a more consistent one. I get this on most photos now when I open them for editing (OK for viewing only). It doesn’t happen on every image, but is random enough to be impossible to work out if there’s any common cause. It happens on any type of file (Raw or JPEG doesn’t matter), and any camera model. They can be unedited originals, or previously edited, it may or may not happen, but does seem to be perhaps 50% of images I view in any album.

It’s actually so bad now that I’ve actually abandoned using Raw Power all together, as it’s impossible to know if I can edit any given image.

It does seem to take a handful of images before it first happens, but once it does, it may, or may not, clear itself, if I keep selecting/reselecting the images. I did originally only get this when first opening an image for editing in a session.

Of course I’ve tried, numerous times, your suggestions you sent me, turning Off/On Metal Support, I’ve rebuilt the catalogue, I’ve repeatedly deleted the app, rebooted and reinstalled it again. I’ve even switched off iCloud Photos and then re-synced it, and even reset the iPad completely. All to no avail.

To clarify, this is on an iPad Pro 12.9″ 512GB, 2020 model, running iPadOS 15 (always updated to latest version). Is this a rare configuration for Raw Power users perhaps? Is there something on this particular setup that’s the cause?

I also run Raw Power on an old iMac 27″ (Late 2013 model, macOS Catalina), and have not seen this issue there. Admittedly, I have recently upgraded it to Monterey using OpenCore Patcher, but it’s running fine, and has made no difference to anything here.

It isn’t apparent in any other apps either, and I use, or have tried, just about everything on the App Store.

Of course I’d love to get to the bottom of this, and be able to use Raw Power again, as I much prefer the way it integrates into the Photos library over anything else out there.

Best regards