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Nik Bhatt


Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that the app could use a better import experience. One of the problems is that iOS has some bugs with import that I have reported, but they haven’t fixed – specifically around progress. I think it’s possible to work around them with some effort.

Further rating options like colors are certainly possible. Color (tags) are supported on Mac because the Finder has that.

The other features make sense too, though the filtering menu request is a little confusing to me. The panel works the way it does because it has to fit on tiny iPhone screens where a panel simply wouldn’t fit. I’m not sure it would fit on an iPad mini in portrait orientation either. I suppose it’s possible to build separate interfaces for iPad and others, though I try to avoid that due to the effort involved. I’ll think about it though. Aperture didn’t have such a panel either, but it did have shortcut keys to quickly set common filtering options. That might be a good compromise.