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Hi TN Args,

Thanks for confirming my issue too.

I’m still seeing this issue, but have ended up not using Auto Enhance much at all – almost never on a Raw images, and sometimes on JPEGs if they’re from an iPhone.

I have found that it doesn’t matter if I use Batch to apply Auto Enhance to a selection of images, or if I apply it individually using the button at the top of the adjustments panel.

I must admit I haven’t checked to see if this is the same when I turn off Levels in the preferences, and use Curves instead. For my own preference I use Levels, as I find I just get along with it better (and I prefer starting with the ‘Luminance’ setting). But when I have recently tried it, it does often go to that ‘crazy’ setting with all the points shoved over the the left side – that seems to happen on poorly exposed images, and then crashes as soon as I try to correct it. It doesn’t need to have done the crazy thing though, any time I adjust the Levels after Auto Enhance, it will crash.

But for now, this problem has actually made me work better manually, and I’ve found a good workflow that works for me without needing Auto Enhance.