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TN Args

I am using 3.2.4

I have also had the batch crashing that the OP reported. Small batching does help.

I think there could be a link between the crashing and the Levels tool. Maybe Nik can look at this @nik

Why do I say this? Well, I was running auto-enhance (on one image at a time) and quite often getting a totally black image. I soon found that this was happening because the Levels tool was choosing crazy settings — typically with the high, mid and low markers on the bottom axis all crushed to the left end of the scale. And if I try to correct the totally black image manually, after a couple of adjustments on the Levels tool, Raw Power crashes.

I have now turned off, in Settings, the option to use Levels in Auto-Enhance. No more black images.

If the Levels tool is crashing the app when manually adjusted, as I have noticed, then it might also be behind the batch crashing. But I haven’t tested this theory.

So, Nik, a couple of things to maybe look at. 1. Auto Enhance with Levels giving crazy settings in Levels and a pitch black photo. 2. Crashing when playing with Levels tool (especially after it makes a totally black image in auto mode).


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