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Hi again Nik,

Just an update on this one. Since I’ve been learning more about my workflow with editing in Raw Power, I have been doing most of my editing manually, and had little trouble overall, apart from the odd ‘quit’, it’s been fine.

Just recently I was experimenting with using the Auto Enhance function (clicking the magic wand icon), mostly to see whether I preferred curves or levels as a setting. I generally find I prefer to work with the Levels panel myself.

However, from that I have found that the crashing has been more frequent. After a little more editing, using different workflows, it does seem to be pretty frequent when trying to carry out further edits after using Auto Enhance. It doesn’t seem to matter what edit tool I use either, I can get the crash as I’m about to select almost any of the editing tools, although it does seem more frequent in the Levels panels.

Another pointer there, when using the Auto Enhance, some poorly exposed images can get unusual results in the Levels panel, i.e. the adjuster tags are all shifted to the left (blacks end) end of the scale, and it’s made the image completely blacked out. If I try to adjust one of those, it crashes almost every time. If I use the Levels panel’s own Auto adjust button, it does a better job of correcting the exposure, and I get no crashes (or at least very rarely – once every few hundred or so images).

If I go back to editing fully manually, then I also very rarely get a crash, similarly once every few hundred images or more.