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Thank you, Nik. That approach would certainly give me a list of all Aperture edited images. However, is there any way for me to tell how any given image from that library was edited? Eventually the library will have a mix of Aperture edited images, RawPower edited images, and unedited images. If I pick a random image that was already edited and decide to make further changes to it, can I tell in any way whether it was edited with Aperture or with RawPower? Anyway way at all? If it was originally edited with Aperture, then if I decide to edit it further in RawPower, Photos would give me a jpeg, instead of the raw image with a list of edits applied previously. If I know if was edited in Aperture, I’d create a copy from the original raw image and would start editing from scratch in RawPower. Wheres if it was originally edited in RawPower, then I’d just continue where I left off previously. So, it seems I would really need to be able to somehow tell which software edited the image previously. Is there any way at all that this could be done?

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