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many thanks for your response!

i swear they stopped working for quite awhile before i posted this. but now i can change directories and the filter stays set. it survives a restart as well. i can’t explain that. sorry.

how do i select the icloud photos library on the mac version of raw power? i tried to point to it on the icloud drive but couldn’t find a folder with the photos in it. opening a new photo library window from rp does nothing but display some labels on the side which aren’t active. and your reply indicates the confusion between the photo library (which is what the photos app uses and i don’t use it) and the iphone photos library which is on icloud. i followed the faq instructions explicitly for editing on iphone and then trying to open in mac app.

if i was guessing i would say that i can’t point to it because i’m not using photos app and thus there’s no library to find. oh, i did find a photo library file in my /pictures/ directory, but it’s only 300mb and i can’t do anything with it from raw power.

tks, /guy

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