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Nik Bhatt

if i only want to see raw files in my directory, how do i get the filter to ‘stick’? how do i get ‘zoom to fit’ to stick?

Filters always stick by default. If you specify that you just want to see the RAWs, it will remember that. So, do the following:

Click on the filter
Filter by file type = RAW
close the filter.

If you then go to a different album or folder and then go back to the first one, the filter will be applied. Filters are stored per container.

i got the ios version, but i see no way to share images with mac version. the docs are very confusing for someone who doesn’t use the mac photos app. i tried what the faq said–on ios raw power i edited an image from my ios (icloud) photo library, but i could not get mac version to see it. i then used the /share’ button to share it to raw power and absolutely nothing happened. how do i edit my iphone photos on mac version and my desktop photos using the iphone version?

As long as your Mac and iOS device are using the same iCloud Photos library, then the sync should work as you described. Edit an image on iOS, and then when you view the same library on the Mac, the edits will be there (once iCloud syncs them). One way to test this is to use Photos. Edit an image with Photos on iOS, and then go to your Mac and see if the edited image is there. If it is, then the synching is working properly.