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Nik Bhatt


– I’d like to keep that Photos library with referenced photos, and perhaps open/view it in Photos on occasion, but I’d like my main photo organization/editing software to be RawPower. I assume such setup is possible (based on what I saw in this forum and in the manual). yes?

Yes, RAW Power supports referenced files in Photos. It also supports just files in the file system (Finder folders)

– I’d like to continue adding to that same library, and all newly added photos will also be referenced, residing on an external drive. Still possible, right?

Sure, that’s fine.

– Since all of the existing photos in that library were processed/edited with Aperture, and all the new ones will be processed/edited with RawPower, how would I be able to tell which are which? Is there a (easy/simple) way to differentiate these two groups of photos? (due to the Photos limitations that Nick has highlighted a few times, I don’t want to try to edit old/Aperture photos with RawPower and new ones with Photos).

No, there isn’t an easy way to tell them apart. Photo marks Aperture images as “externally edited” – it’s technically possible for the app to tell the difference, but not efficiently.

– Finally, does RawPower have any support for videos (at least so that videos can be displayed/played back within RawPower, similar to what Photos tries to do)?

Yes, videos are supported in RAW Power. You can rate and flag them too.

You may want to download the trial version of RAW Power to see what it can do. It’s here: