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Yes, I’m you’re right Nik, best to get as much as possible. If only Apple’s prices for RAM and storage weren’t so ridiculously high!

I’ve now purchased both the Mac and iOS versions and am starting to get to grips with it, at least on the Mac. My aim is to use RP as my main photo organising tool, I like the star ratings plus the ability to flag and tag etc. and then filter the results. Up until now I’ve been using Luminar but the DAM element is basic to say the least and the whole programme just crawls along. I’m pleased to say that Raw Power seems lightning fast in comparison, even on my ageing 2013 iMac. I can then edit them in RP and export Jpegs for use in Apple Photos (as mentioned previously, a way of directly exporting the Photos would be great), thereby reducing the amount of both local and iCloud storage needed. At the moment I keep all my RAW files on an external drive, import them into Photos and then edit them, so I effectively have two copies of the RAW plus the edits (as well as multiple back-ups of course). With storage space at a premium, it would be good to reduce that.

A few more questions for you: –

Is there a list of all keyboard shortcuts? I couldn’t find one in the manual or FAQs. I’m hoping there’s a shortcut for rotating images like there is in the Finder.

If I have two MACs is there a way of maintaining a single database of edits, say by storing it on an external drive for instance?

I cam hardly bring myself to ask but will there ever be a Windows version?!! I could really use something like Raw Power at work where we have to use PCs. Most apps I’ve tried are so clunky.