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Nik Bhatt

Sorry TN – I didn’t see your response until Erik’s appeared.

While you are right that LR doesn’t copy the files, they maintain a database and only images that are imported are visible. That’s why they have issues when the original images move around.

You have a few choices:
• You could import everything into the Files’ side of your iPad. Since you have a lot of photos, I would not do that since RAW Power doesn’t support hierarchies yet.

• You can import into Photos – you then get access to iCloud Photo Library if you want it. But it sounds like you don’t care for storing things in the cloud (it helps when your iPad is running out of space, but Apple provides very limited control over what is on your device and what is in the cloud). Photos also provides some amount of organization, though it doesn’t let you create folders on iOS (it will show them, but you can’t make them on iOS). You didn’t mention if you have a Mac, which would affect the answer somewhat (given the presence of Photos for Mac [and RAW Power for Mac]).

The Files side of RAW Power is immature – I was able to implement the minimum so that people had some options for working with images outside of Photos, but it needs to be bulked up considerably.

I hope to have a way to move images between Files and Photos (carrying editing data) at some point, though I don’t know how well it will handle many thousands of images being moved around [in part because I haven’t started working on that feature].