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    I look forward to hearing what others do too!

    I have set a preset to automatically apply. It’s a starting point which suits most of my pics.
    It has highlights down to 0.97, shadows up to 0.8, recovery to 0.04.
    Definition is at 0.20, deepen at 0.07, lighten at 0.15
    Contrast is at 1.1, saturation 0.94, vibrancy 0.11
    Sharpen at 0.2
    I created a LUT to bring down the saturations of greens and their brightness. I frequently use this whenever there is a lot of grass in a pic.
    I add a gentle curve modification – sometimes on luminosity. I bring up the red curve a smidgen for portraits.

    Nik, would it be possible to explain more precisely what the difference is between deepen and shadow please? ie, does one negate the other, or do they act on different parts of the curve. And also how they interact with the black point? thank you!

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    Thanks for looking into this!

    In answer to your questions:
    1. Yes, the task toolbar icon does return to an empty circle when the initial export is complete (and shows a pie chart whilst the export is taking place)
    2. I see a spinner.
    3. I haven’t noticed any useful pattern. The issue has been ongoing for some time now, and I have experimented with several options: 1st export with many files, 1st export with just one file, ditto with 2nd export, various combinations of 1st and 2nd export being freshly edited – edited some time previously but since the application was last opened – not edited since the application was opened. None of these seem to have an effect. Yet the 2nd export regularly gets stuck, but will export instantaneously if I close down the programme and reopen it.

    I’m working on files from a Canon 100d, so max 18mp, or a Canon 450d – so not particularly large files.

    Thanks for your help,

    in reply to: iCloud syncing between devices #14208

    Thank you for the answer. It’s useful to know so that I can plan my workflow accordingly.
    (I’m using the standalone OS version completely independently from the Photos library, with the files stored on my desktop which is synched to the iCloud – which is why I had expected edits to be synched too. It may be worth pointing out that this isn’t the case in future notes on the programme)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)